Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

Reseller Partner Responsibilities

  • Updated

As a Reseller partner, you are responsible for the initial and ongoing training of your clients in using the product, as well as continuing to be their tier-1 technical support. 

Client Training

Training your client means you will provide them with tutorials/demos/instructions for using the product, including its backend. An example of this could be “how do I create and send a saved search.”  This document serves as your first resource in learning the product and ultimately being able to teach your client.

Showcase IDX Support does provide free weekly live demos online should your customers wish to signup, however, the expectation is you have already reviewed this general information with your client and field questions. 

Tier 1 Technical Support

Tier 1 technical support means you will be your client’s first point of contact for technical items pertaining to their website and the IDX.  An example of this could be “how do I use CSS to change the padding?”  

Showcase IDX Support will be here to help field any concerns you or your clients may have if the product is not functioning as expected as tier 2 support. An example of this could be “my listing for MLS # 1234567 is not showing.” We offer email, chat, and phone support.