Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

Showcase IDX Onboarding Expectations

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From the moment a client is inputted into the system, they are placed into our Onboarding process. Onboarding can sometimes be a source of frustration for some agents because it can often take a while to get all signatures required on paperwork.

Our mission is to make this process as quick and simple as possible. However, it is important to set appropriate expectations that it will take at least a few business days for MLS approval and for their login information to be sent.

We recommend that you do not add a new client until they are ready to be onboarded (ready to do paperwork and the plugin is ready to be installed). Adding a new client when they are not ready to do paperwork can delay the process and even require them to re-do paperwork again later if they are waiting on you for their website.

An agent who has a managing broker should proactively reach out to alert them that their signatures will be required. We often find that the broker signature can take the longest during onboarding.

Please refer to our customer Support Center where you'll find general timelines for approval for each MLS, and other general knowledge that might be useful.

MLS Coverage

Your best reference for the data feeds that we connect to will be the coverage page found on our website. We recommend bookmarking this page for quick reference. This coverage page is continuously updated with information and new MLS feeds we have added to our coverage map.

If a requested MLS is not currently available, and coverage is needed within a 6-month period, we would suggest trying a different IDX vendor.

For Commission Partners

A trial can start with demo data while the client is going through the Onboarding process. The 10-day trial period will be extended to a full 10-day period after MLS approval is received.

For Direct Bill Partners

We will never activate an account without MLS approval.