Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

Onboarding Flow

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From the moment a client is inputted into the system, they are placed into our Onboarding process. Onboarding can sometimes be a source of frustration for some agents because it can often take a while to get all signatures required on paperwork.

Our mission is to make this process as quick and simple as possible. However, it is important to set appropriate expectations that it will take at least a few business days for MLS approval and for their login information to be sent.

We recommend that you do not add a new client until they are ready to be onboarded (ready to do paperwork and the plugin is ready to be installed). Adding a new client when they are not ready to do paperwork can delay the process and even require them to re-do paperwork again later if they are waiting on you for their website. Please do not add a new client until you have all the required information to do so.

An agent who has a managing broker should proactively reach out to alert them that their signatures will be required. We often find that the broker signature can take the longest during onboarding.

Please refer to our customer Support Center where you'll find general timelines for approval for each MLS, and other general knowledge that might be useful.

Onboarding Flow

This is a high-level, top-down overview of the entire process of onboarding a new client to Showcase IDX. This is a general guide to onboarding but it should be noted that each MLS may have its own unique process with additional steps not outlined here. If you have any questions about a particular MLSs process, reach us at

  • Partner (or client) fills out the embedded signup form with client information (See Direct Bill Client Signup or Commission Client Signup
  • Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign) sends a "heads up" email (from that informs all parties that there is a document coming their way. Subject “Signature process for [MLS] Agreement has started“ (Example email)
  • An e-signature form is sent to the agent to sign the document (Example email)
    • Agent will fill in and sign the document where instructed electronically
    • PDFs or wet-signed documents will not be accepted. The document must be signed via Dropbox Sign
  • If required by the MLS, the link to sign is then emailed to the broker
    • The broker will fill in and sign electronically
    • PDFs or wet-signed documents will not be accepted. The document must be signed via Dropbox Sign
  • An “Everyone has signed” email is sent to all parties that the signing is complete (Example email)
  • The next steps depend on which MLS is being accessed, and will follow one of the MLS categories. See:
    • Immediate access = No Additional Approval Required 
    • MLS Registration = Action Required: Follow Hellosign Instructions: to complete additional steps- the agent needs to take additional action, besides Hellosign instructions
    • Email HelloSign copy to MLS = MLS Audit & Approval of Hellosign Document 
    • Additional portal required = 2nd signature often required i.e. MLS Grid, Trestle, Bridge Interactive, etc.
    • Installation Required = Action Required: Agent must install the plugin prior to requesting MLS Approval - An MLS can be "installation required" as well as one of the other 4 categories.
  • For all Commission partner clients, their accounts will initially start with Demo Data (based in Georgia), allowing installation of the plugin during Onboarding
  • Depending on the MLS, there may be additional display requirements for the website to be approved for IDX display. The MLS will email Showcase with these requirements and Showcase will relay the message to the agent and Reseller to make the updates.
    • Some MLSs require that the IDX with live MLS data be added to the website for compliance review. In this case, Onboarding will put the correct data feed on the account and notify the agent and Reseller about this requirement.
  • Once the MLS has approved the agent for IDX display (MLS will email Showcase this confirmation), Showcase will send the agent and Reseller an email with the subject line “Getting Started with Showcase | Welcome!!”, replace the Demo data with Local MLS data and extend the trial period to a full 10 days. (Example email)

Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign) 

Showcase uses Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign)  as our electronic signature application. As part of the onboarding process, every client will be required to sign at least one document through HelloSign. The Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign)  document will be signed prior to any additional documents that may need to be signed. This includes one or all of the following items:

  • Instructions Page
  • IDX Authorization form from the MLS
  • Cover Page to input additional information for the Additional Portal process
  • Showcase IDX Terms of Service

4 MLS Categories (effects MLS paperwork timeline)

MLSs typically fall into one of 4 categories. These 4 categories have been designated with both internal (Showcase appropriate) and external customer-facing language labels.  These will determine the next steps once the “Everyone Has Signed” email is received. 

Additionally, in our Support Center, we have a client-facing article that outlines the estimated timeline for approval, and a version of the MLS Categories that an agent would understand. Visit here to read.


1. Immediate access  externally facing, this is labeled as ‘No Additional Approval Required’ 

No additional approval is required. As soon as the HelloSign document is complete (agent signature required only), no further action is needed. The 10-day free trial can begin and Showcase Onboarding will send the “Getting Started” email notifying the agent and Reseller that IDX is approved and the trial begins.

2. MLS Registration  = ‘Action Required: Follow Hellosign Instructions   

Showcase Onboarding will email the agent to complete additional steps he/she needs to take in order to be approved. The Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign)  document the agent signs includes these instructions already. The email is a measure taken to ensure that the agent understands what is required.


3. Email HelloSign copy to MLS on file = ‘MLS Audit & Approval of Hellosign’ 

Showcase Onboarding will email a copy of the completed Dropbox Sign document to the MLS. The MLS will review said document and:

  • Conduct a compliance review and offer (via email) any feedback on the website in order to bring it into compliance for IDX display
    • Showcase Onboarding will email the agent and Reseller with the updates required
      • Once the updates are complete, Showcase Onboarding will request a review from the MLS for approval*
        • The cycle may repeat if updates aren’t satisfactory
  • Approve the agent for the IDX display
  • Deny the agent for IDX display for a specific reason

*Showcase is the middle-person between the agent and the MLS, as required by the MLS. For any additional specifics on what is required, the MLS should be consulted directly to eliminate lead time.


4. Additional portal required = ‘2nd Signature Needed’ 

Many MLSs require IDX vendors to submit the IDX Authorizations through a portal. Showcase currently supports Trestle and MLS Grid. The Dropbox Sign document contains a “cover sheet” that is intended to collect pieces of information needed for Showcase Onboarding to fill out the form within that portal. 


Installation required

A number of MLSs will require the agent to install the plugin prior to requesting approval.  For this, the Onboarding Specialist will email the client and Reseller requesting they install the plugin, with a brief explanation and expectation setting of the necessity of this for their approval and trial start.

MLS Grid

An agent (and their broker, if applicable) will complete signatures in MLS Grid, similar to how the process was with HelloSign. Instead, the link to sign will come from (Example email)

  • Agent will sign first
  • Broker will sign
  • MLS reviews and
    • Offers feedback on any issue needing to be corrected before approving
      • Website compliance
      • Incorrect Broker
    • Approves
    • Denies
  • Showcase finalizes the document, and sends the “Getting Started” email notifying the agent and Reseller that IDX is approved and the trial begins.


An agent (and their broker, if applicable) will complete signatures in Trestle (via Authentisign), similar to how the process was with HelloSign. Instead, the link to sign will come from (Example email)

  • Showcase IDX will sign first
  • Broker will sign
  • Agent will sign
  • MLS will review and sign
  • Approval email sent to Showcase
  • Showcase sends the “Getting Started” email notifying agent and Reseller that IDX is approved and the trial begins.


Bridge Interactive

An agent and their broker (if applicable) will need to follow the instructions in the agreement for Bridge Interactive.  

  • The designated broker (BIC) must first log into Bridge to allow access to agents from their office. The broker will create a new agreement
    • The agent should communicate with their Broker that they wish to use Showcase IDX as the vendor, so that they can set up the agreement correctly
  • The agent can then login via Bridge Interactive and see any agreements that they need to complete signature for
  • Once complete, Showcase IDX will get an email with the subject: "Bridge Agreement Mgmt: Added to an Agreement" and will complete the agreement
  • Once agreement in Bridge is complete, this serves as formal approval from the MLS


Spark API

Showcase IDX will enter the agent into the Spark API admin. 

  • Agent will receive an email to approve the data connection request
  • The broker will then receive the same email to approve the data connection request
  • The MLS will then review and approve the data connection request
  • Showcase IDX will receive an email that the data connection request has been approved

Commission Partners Only: Free 10-Day Trial

Showcase IDX customers receive a 10-day full premium trial. The trial allows your client (and you) to begin creating hotsheets and searches, manage leads, decide on plans, and have time to experiment with the product. During the trial period, we drip email communication to your client about how many days they have on trial, as well as helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of the plugin.

We encourage your clients to sign up for a live demo (or multiple, as the content varies) to answer any initial questions or concerns.

At any point during the 10-day free trial, your client can activate their subscription and lock in their plan of choice. They would do this by accessing their Billing page in their Admin to choose monthly or yearly billing and if they would like to choose the Essentials or Premium plan.  More instructions can be found under the Agent Admin Portal Education. It is recommended that your client do this before the 10-day trial expires. 



The IDX will turn off as soon as the trial expires and their website will display a ‘Trial Expiration’ message. Activating the subscription ensures that there is no lapse in IDX service, which is a critical function of the website you are building for them. 

It is important to note that if the trial expires and no action is taken by your client to activate the subscription, the account will be automatically canceled in the system after 2 weeks. Once an account is canceled (it may also say “revoked” on the team account page), clients will be removed from any MLS subscriber lists and will be required to redo any MLS paperwork and receive approval from the MLS.

We are required by MLSs to uphold these subscriber lists and our system is set up in a way to catch these instances. If your client wishes to proceed with the IDX after this two-week period, they will be required to complete MLS paperwork again, as required by their MLS.