Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

Client Management

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Team Account Page Overview

If you click on a Team or Website as mentioned in the Reseller Portal Education section, you will open the client’s Team Account Page. You’ll be able to see their Plan, Status, Trial expiration (if in a trial), Raw Order Details, and MLS Onboarding Instructions.  You also have the ability to “impersonate” them which will allow you to log in to their account. 




This shows the plan that your customer is currently on. Please don't edit the plan. If adjustments need to be made, please contact Showcase IDX Support.

Raw Order Details

By clicking ‘Raw Order Details’ the container expands to show all the information that was inputted into the New Customer form.

Onboarding Instructions box

Clicking the blue MLS name box will open a pop-up of MLS instructions. There is also a 'Select an MLS' search feature that allows you to search and select a particular MLS in order to view the pop-up of MLS instructions. This will provide insight into the MLS category this customer falls under, as well as potential steps Showcase IDX will need to take to complete their onboarding, which may be an indicator of the amount of time before approval is received.  This also includes the MLS pass-thru fees for that MLS.


The ‘impersonate’ button allows you to log in to your client’s account to manage their account or make any necessary updates they are requesting.  An example would be if they ask you for assistance in creating or modifying a hotsheet.  It’d be easiest to access their Team Account Page and ‘impersonate’ an admin on the account to view their Agent Admin (see more details and training under Agent Admin Portal Education linked below). This also avoids you from using one of the authorized users on their account to add an account for you. It is important to note that you should log out of an account before impersonating another client to avoid any issues with websites being assigned to other client accounts.


Transferring Data

You have the ability to do a one-time transfer, or “copy,” of data between accounts.  Some examples could be transferring data from a development site to the main site or duplicating accounts. You can transfer settings, saved searches, and hotsheets from one website to another website within the same account, or from one website under one account to a website under a different account. The first (the “transfer from”) site will remain unchanged. Any subsequent changes would need to be manually made to both sites as it’s not a continuous transfer into the second site, it is a one-time copy/paste of data.

If you are servicing many agents in a particular area, or demographic, you may want to transfer hotsheets from your demo account to a live team account. You can simply update the locations in the live account and not need to recreate tons of hotsheets. For a step-by-step instructional guide on duplicating accounts quickly, please review this document.

Transfers cannot be reverted.


What Information can be Transferred/Duplicated

Only the settings, saved searches and hotsheets will be copied over. The leads will not transfer. This data transfer will overwrite the existing IDX settings of the second (the “transfer to”) site. 

Any hotsheets and saved searches previously created on the “transfer to” site will still exist. However, a word of caution: Any existing hotsheets with the same name on the website that you are transferring to will be deleted.

The following information will be copied during data transfer:

  • All Settings:
    • General Settings
    • Privacy Privacy
    • Email Settings
    • Search Settings
    • Registration Settings
    • SEO Settings
    • Design Settings
    • Display Settings
    • Lead Routing
  • All Searches
  • All Hotsheets

How to Transfer/Copy the Data

To transfer data, under the Websites tab, you will see a blue ‘Transfer Data’ button.  


Once you click the ‘Transfer Data' button, you will choose which account you would like to transfer data from, the website, and which account and the website you’d like to transfer the data to. You will receive an email once the transfer is complete.

Closing/Cancelling Accounts

If your client has decided that they no longer wish to use Showcase IDX, we require that an email is sent to with the name of your client and their website advising that their service should be terminated. This may come from your client or you. 

Please do not update their Resellers Team Account page, Showcase will complete this step once the cancellation email is received.

If your client wishes to continue using Showcase IDX as their IDX vendor after your relationship has terminated, they are welcome to do so. We may repurpose their account, moving it away from your Reseller account to keep their leads and hotsheets available for use. 

If for any reason there is a situation with a client that Showcase should know about, especially one that is particularly negative in nature, it would be advisable to contact us directly about the client to make us aware of the situation. This may prevent any tension between Reseller, Showcase IDX, and client.