Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

Commission Partners Only: Signing Up Clients

  • Updated

Under the Orders tab, there is a "Get Signup Form" blue button. You can create a page on your company website and embed the form code found on that page. 


You can either fill in the form on your website on their behalf (provided that you have the required information) or direct your clients to that page and have them complete the form themselves.

Failure to complete all of the fields may cause the account to go into a Pending status until all information is entered. See ‘Orders’ for more details.

We recommend that you do not add a new client until they are ready to be onboarded (ready to do paperwork and the plugin is ready to be installed). Adding a new client when they are not ready to do paperwork can delay the process and even require them to re-do paperwork again later if they are waiting on you for their website.

This form has two pages. The first page asks for the following information:

  • Agent Name (first and last)
  • Agent Email
  • Agent Phone Number
  • Which MLS’s the agent needs (this could be 1 or multiple)

When they (or you) click “create a 10-day free trial account”, a second page will appear which asks for a few additional pieces of information:

  • Managing Broker’s Name
  • Managing Broker’s Email

This information is required for the onboarding process. A broker will need to be looped into the IDX forms to sign off that they authorize the agent to use IDX.