Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

Reseller Portal

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As a Reseller, you will log in to to manage your client accounts. It is recommended to bookmark this page in your browser for ease of access. There is some overlap of info with the tabs, but they all serve a purpose.  Your client does not have the same Reseller Portal view upon their login, instead, they are viewing the IDX Control Panel (see IDX Control Panel Education section for their experience).

Teams Tab

Teams is where you can search for any team name, email address, or user name on an account. You will find their Team Name, Status, and their sign-up completion date (Created date).  Clicking the blue Name hyperlink will open their Team Account Page to access their account (more on this later).


Websites Tab

This search page is similar to the Teams page, but you can actually search a person’s website name and URL, see their active MLS permissions, and if their plugin is installed. You can also transfer data between websites here.  Clicking the blue Website name hyperlink will open their Team Account Page to access their account.


Orders Tab

All signups flow through the Orders tab first. Please note, a new team will not be searchable in the Team or Website tab until the signup is complete.  There are 3 different potential statuses of an order:

  • Pending: They will begin as ‘Pending’ and stay in this status until they fully complete the sign-up form.  It’s possible that some information was missed when completing the signup form.  The outstanding information needs to be collected before moving out of this status and onto the next status, which will be ‘Complete.’ You are able to complete an order from within Resellers if it is stuck in pending by inputting the outstanding information and clicking the blue “complete account” button.
  • Complete: Once they complete the sign-up form, and all information has been received, the status will change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Complete.’  This is also when they will be moved to the Teams page and will become searchable. 
  • Needs Notify: A sign-up could also be labeled ‘Needs Notify, which means they requested an MLS that Showcase doesn’t currently cover and are unable to provide that data feed at this time.  Showcase will notify all Resellers when new coverage is available. 

Additionally, there is a "Get Signup Form" blue button on this page. This is for Commission Partners only. 


Trialing Tab

This tab shows who is in a trial, when their trial starts and ends, and if their plugin is installed.


Manage Tab

When you’ve welcomed a new employee to your business, this is where you can add a new member to your account.

To add a new team member to your team, under Members, click the blue “Add New Member.” Then enter their name, and email address and create a password for them.


The website will be for the Reseller team.

Direct Bill Only: New Customer

Direct Bill Resellers will use the New Customer form found under the Manage Tab. Go to the Onboarding Flow article to learn more about adding new clients to your account.