Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

Demo Accounts

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Instead of using actual live MLS data, Showcase IDX offers a demo or dummy data feed that will allow you to configure a sample website (or multiple sample websites) to display your site designs featuring IDX to your clients. You are able to create hotsheets with this data in order to help you illustrate what a community page, or agent page, might look like. Keep in mind, this demo data feed should only be used as a visual representation of what Showcase IDX can do for your clients as it's not their local data feed.

You can request a demo account in order to set up 1 or more sample sites. The account can also be used for training your clients on the product.  Demo data consists of real addresses based in Georgia, and gives you the ability to integrate the IDX plugin into a website without the need for MLS approval. 

If you would like to see an example website using demo data, you can visit or visit our Support Center for more information about the demo data.