Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

Account Command Center

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When your client signs in, they do not see the same Reseller Team Account Page as you see.  Instead, upon their login, they are in the Account Command Center (  As a Reseller, you can view this Account Command Center by clicking ‘impersonate’ on your client’s account to be able to see exactly what they are seeing. 

There are 4 tabs for the Account Command Center after logging in as an agent (i.e. “impersonating” them)

Websites Tab

The website tab houses all the website licenses approved for IDX display. Each website will have its own leads, hotsheets, messages, and IDX settings. There is no limit to the number of websites an agent can have on their account (see Commission or Direct Bill for pricing). Clicking on the name of a website will open up the main dashboard where you can adjust the settings, see the leads, etc.

Adding a Website

This is where you can add another website to the account, by clicking ‘Create Website.’  The newly added website will remain in 'pending' status until activated by the Showcase team. You will need to contact to complete the activation of this site.  In some cases, the agent’s MLS may require additional paperwork to be completed for each website they wish to add. 

Billing Tab

For Commission Partner customers, each account starts with a free 10-day trial, which will display when looking at the billing screen. 

To activate their account while in the trial, the client will go to their billing page to choose their plan and enter their credit card information.  They will not be billed until their trial has ended.

Once an account’s subscription is activated, this screen will display their current plan, a place where they can update their credit card information and access their receipts/invoices.

After the customer activates their subscription, they will then see the following screen, where they can update their credit card, see their current plan and access any paid invoices.

For Direct Bill Partner customers, this screen will display their current plan and the status of their account. Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_10.16.30_AM.png


Users Tab

This section will display at least one admin at all times, but this is where your client (or you) can add agents or assistants to have access to the account.  There is no limit to the number of users one can have on the account. 

  • User Levels:
    • Admin level user: Full access to the entire Agent Admin
    • Member level user: Restricted access to Websites tab only. Within Websites tab, Members can access the Leads, Messages, Recommendations and Search Library tabs. They can only see the leads, messages, recommendations and searches that they own.

Commission Partner customers will see an additional cost for users so please refer to the user pricing structure.

How to Add a User

To add a user, input the following into the "Add A User" form:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Select if the user should be an admin (leaving the box unchecked makes them a member user with restricted access)
  • Password (give them a generic first password, they can always reset it to something more secure)

You will then need to provide them with this information for them to log in.  They will not receive any notification that they've been added to the system. 


After you have added a user, select the user again from the ‘Users’ container on the right side, and click the blue hyperlink of the person. Once clicked, the left ‘Edit User’ container will update with the selected person. You may want to add an Agent ID or Office ID into the MLS Agent Info field that populates, as shown below. The IDs can be used to filter for their respective listings in a hotsheet for their website. Please note that IDs are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as they are in the MLS.


How to Reset Password

By request, you can reset your client’s password.  To do this, from the Users tab on the right side, click the blue hyperlink of the person who needs their password reset.  Once clicked, the left Edit User container will update with the selected person.  The Password field will be blank.  To change, simply type a new temporary password.  We recommend the following reset naming convention:  Lastname123456789For example, if Mark Johnson needed a new password, you would type “Johnson123456789” in the Password field.

Once you’ve typed the new temporary password, click the blue “Save User” box.  Now, inform your client of the temporary password you created and prompt them to change it immediately upon their login.


How to Update Agent ID and Office ID

If you or the client find that the Agent or Office ID is not finding the correct listings or any listings at all, then it most likely means that the IDs are incorrect. We recommend double-checking with your client. We find that most agents do not know their exact IDs. In this case, you can email us at with the Listing ID for one of the agent’s listings and we can look up what the correct IDs are for you.

To update the IDs, from the ‘Users’ container on the right side, click the blue hyperlink of the person who needs their ID updated. Once clicked, the left ‘Edit User’ container will update with the selected person.  

Under MLS Agent Info, highlight the incorrect Agent/Office ID, and delete and replace it with the correct ID.

Integrations Tab

Showcase provides a light CRM as we are collecting information about people registering on the agent’s site, send the agent notifications, and record the lead’s viewing history. We are not a full CRM so agents may invest in using a third party.   

Integrations give your client the ability to parse their lead’s information over to a third-party service provider. This is one-way integration, meaning the lead will come into Showcase and the lead’s information will flow into the CRM. Showcase does not pull information back or update from the CRM.  This is an important distinction, especially pertaining to entering new leads as Showcase cannot pull existing leads from a CRM into Showcase (more on this under Leads).


Premium integrations will parse over more events, like a lead’s viewed listings, saved listings, or search subscriptions.

4 direct integrations on Premium Plan

  1. Follow Up Boss
  2. Liondesk
  3. Prospect Converter
  4. Slack

There are also several premium integrations via RealSynch (middleware service).

  1. Sierra Interactive
  2. Salesforce
  3. Boomtown
  4. RealGeeks

The only integrations available on Essentials would be through Zapier (middleware). They can connect to over 1000 apps using Zapier.  Premium plan users can access these integrations also. Visit our Integrations page on Zapier.  Zapier is limited to parsing only new leads and new messages over to a CRM. We have many Zap templates set up that you can use, or you can create your own from scratch.

Screen_Shot_2023-04-07_at_10.37.02_AM.pngSome CRMs may provide users with an email address used for parsing (ex., which we support, but more on this under Lead Routing.