Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

IDX Control Panel - Leads

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Leads Tab

This area holds all the information about a lead and their activity on the website. An agent can create a new lead from this area, as well as see an overview of all leads that have registered from their website and their activity. This is the main part of the lite CRM.

As mentioned, an agent can create a new individual lead here. They are able to have new leads integrate from Showcase IDX to their third-party CRM once integrated. Since there is no inbound integration available, they can manually add their leads via the “create a lead” button, or we can do a 1-time bulk import via CSV. They can also export all their leads via CSV from here as well.

To view expanded details regarding an individual lead, click the lead name to open their Lead Profile page.

Lead Profile Page

Lead Bio (left container)

  • Profile Picture: If available, Showcase will pull social profile information and the lead’s social profile picture may display here. Otherwise, there will be a general avatar 
  • Edit lead contact information: First name, last name, phone number, and email address
  • Buyer Lead: Edit Persona and their Status
  • Messages: Leads may send messages from a website through a contact form, a comment left on a property (Friends & Family section), asking a question about a property, or trying to schedule a tour.  View one-way messages to the agent from the lead.  The agent will need to respond via normal email channels- it is not a chat function.  A comprehensive list of all agent messages can be found within the Message tab.  This is a drilled-down view of only this lead’s messages
  • First Seen/Last Seen:  When the lead first registered on the site and their last login
  • Social Profile: Showcase pulls social accounts associated with the lead’s email address where available and displays the social platform icon. These icons are clickable and will open a new tab on that lead’s social profile
  • New Saved Search Subscription: The agent can send a saved search directly from the lead profile page
  • Assigned To:  See what agent the lead is assigned to or reassign the lead to another agent
  • Friends & Family: Leads can invite others to the website. When those invited leads register on the site, they will be linked to the leads who invited them. See who is searching together.
  • Tags: Add tags about a lead (currently not usable outside of the lead profile page)
  • Notes: Add notes about a lead for future reference

Activity Feed (right container)

  • Recent Activity:  See how many times the lead has viewed a particular property, reacted to a property, and more
    • Social Profile Mini Feed: Showcase pulls in the social profiles of leads where available and displays their most recent activity from those platforms
  • Listing Views: See the properties the lead has viewed
  • Saved Listings: View the listings the lead has intentionally saved
  • Search Subscriptions: View, edit and delete the searches the agent has sent to the lead
  • Comments:  Listings a lead has commented on will display here. The lead can comment on a listing via the Friends & Family section. This field is specific for the lead to comment on a listing, not the agent.  The agent is unable to comment back. The comment can be private with the Friends & Family or agent visible which sends the agent an email notification of a new message.
  • Reactions:  The agent can see how the lead reacted to a property based on the “love it, like it, indifferent, dislike it, or hate it” emojis.
  • Hidden Listings:  See what listings the lead has intentionally hidden from their search



Friends & Family

Showcase IDX is unique in providing a social-media feel to users by allowing leads to react, comment or invite people to their search from a property’s listing page. No one searches for a home alone. They send properties via text or email to friends & family. That can all take place on your client’s website powered by Showcase IDX. 

The lead can react to the listing using “love it, like it, indifferent, dislike it, or hate it” emojis.  They can make their own internal comments to themselves and those they invited to be part of their Friends & Family team. Agent-visible comments can be reviewed on the Messages tab.