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IDX Control Panel - Search Library

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The Search Library will house all searches made for leads and community pages on an agent’s website. Those searches can be recommended, or embedded on a website via a hotsheet shortcode.  

Some agents have thousands of searches in their Search Library. It is critical that you/your client appropriately name the search so it can easily be found later.  

Creating a Search

To create a new search, navigate to the Search Library and click on the blue "Create New Search" button near the right of the screen, as shown below.


There are several options available to create a search:

  • Search NameThis step is important!  Naming the search is important for easy reference and troubleshooting later.  An agent could have thousands of searches, so it’s recommended to be specific in your naming convention and follow these guidelines: 
    • You are unable to save the search without a name
    • Be sure to create a unique name for your search.  You will receive an error if you attempt to create a second search with the same name 
  • Select Search Form: There are two options to choose from:
    • Streamlined Search Form (default) - This form is always recommended especially when co-mingling more than one MLS data feed
    • Advanced Search Form - This form has additional fields not found in the streamlined search form and is fragile if an MLS changes its data in any way
  • Search Filters:  The search form you selected above will determine which form you use to build the search.
    • We don't recommend using filters from one search form and then switching to the other to continue building the search as it will reset the filters and break functionality. Please only use one search form.
    • You can use the map in addition to the form fields to hone in on a location. There is a draw tool, zoom options, and a search in map tool
  • Wildcard: Applies a wildcard search on locations to include all locations that start with or contain a value instead of selecting multiple options from the location field
  • Results Sorting/Sort By: Choose how you want the listings sorted in the search (such as newest first, etc)
  • Agent/Office Filtering: Apply a filter by an agent or office ID to only show those listings in the search. The options shown here are determined by what MLS information is set under a user. Mostly used for creating Featured Listings pages.


Using a Search

Within the Search Library, each search has a hamburger menu with multiple actions available.

From this menu, you can:

  • Create a new hotsheet
  • Recommend search to a lead
  • Edit the saved search (you can also click on the search name to edit it)
  • Duplicate a search (useful if you've added several filters and need to update 1 or more criteria, or if you've drawn a polygon and don't want to redraw it for a different search)
  • Delete it (you can only delete a search if there are no linked recommended searches or hotsheets)