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IDX Control Panel - Recommendations

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The Recommendations tab is where agents can send search or listing recommendations to their leads. A recommended search may also be referred to as listing alerts, property update emails, search subscriptions, etc.



A recommended search will drip emails to leads with updates from the search, such as new listings, status changes, or price changes. To recommend a search, a search should first be created! This would start in the Search Library where the agent would define the criteria to pull the appropriate listings for a lead. The leads will not receive an initial/immediate list of properties from the search.

Under the Recommendations > Searches tab, there is a blue button to create a "New Search Recommendation".


Using the form, on the page, complete the following steps:

  1. Select a lead (or create a new one, if the lead doesn't exist in the system yet) to send a recommended search.
  2. Select the search (or create a new one, if the search doesn't exist in the system yet) to send to the selected lead.
  3. Select the email frequency to which the lead will receive email updates about the search.
    • Instant will not fire a new email the moment an update happens. The email job runs in 1-hour intervals, so 'instant' is really 'hourly'
    • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly intervals fire accurately to their names
  4. Click the 'create new search subscription' button (An initial email to the lead will not be sent to the lead. They will get an email when there is an update to the search) 



An agent can send an email for an individual property via MLS numbers (aka, listing ID). If multiple listing IDs are added at the same time, then one email per listing will be sent to the lead. Simply select a lead to send a listing recommendation to, and enter 1 or more MLS numbers, separated by spaces. Click the blue 'send recommended listing' button and you're done!