Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

IDX Control Panel > Settings > Privacy

You can access the privacy settings from the settings dropdown menu inside the IDX Control Panel.


To be GDPR compliant, consent is needed from the website visitors when they sign up, so it is clear how their private data will be used after they create an account.

On the Privacy Settings page, we've added the ability to put the URLs (full https:// URLs) into the settings page to the website's Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Use.

Expressed Consent on Sign Up Form

To do this, we've added an (optional) setting on the Privacy Settings page. This checkbox, when turned on, is a required field that has links to the Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Use. When clicked by a lead, it gives you the protection of expressed consent to use their data as outlined in the policies. Checking this box will also potentially cut down on unwanted spam for the agent.  It is recommended to be checked.


For more information about privacy policies and what to include, visit this Support Center article.