Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

IDX Control Panel > Settings > General

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You can access the general settings from the settings dropdown menu inside the IDX Control Panel.


The general settings are rather basic and straightforward and this should be updated as part of the initial IDX configuration. For examples of how these settings show up on the front end, please review this Support Center article.


The logo displays on any emails that are sent to leads, such as when a lead signs up or in the search recommendation emails.

The logo must be in either .png, .jpeg, or .jpg format. The image uploaded will be resized to no more than 500px x 500px.

Site Title

When you first log in, you will notice the website name formatted as "Jane Doe's First Website". This is the initial site title that's provided for each account to install the plugin. This site title will show up in the emails that are sent to the agent’s leads.

An example of a site title could be "Jane Doe | Desert & Sand Realty."

Display Phone Number

The phone number entered in this section will appear on a listing detail page under the CTA functions, giving the agent’s customers a way to reach them.

On mobile, there will be a Call Now CTA in the same area.

Display Email

This email address will display on the contact form.