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IDX Control Panel - Hotsheets

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Hotsheets are embeddable shortcodes made for WordPress pages to display sets of listings. Think of area pages (aka, community pages, or neighborhood pages) or quick link searches. Hotsheets are the shortcode that puts those listings from the Search Library on the site. Hotsheets are critical to an agent’s success and advocate for several to be created and added to their site. 

One huge benefit of a hotsheet is, once it is created with the specific search criteria, it will update automatically as new listings that match that criteria come on the market.  It’s essentially “set it and forget it.

Creating a Hotsheet

There are two ways to create a hotsheet:

  • You can create a hotsheet by clicking the blue ‘New Hotsheet’ button from the Hotsheet tab, as shown below.


  • You can create a hotsheet from the Search Library by clicking on the hamburger menu next to a saved search and clicking the New Hotsheet option, as shown below.


Hotsheet Settings

There are several settings available for setting up a hotsheet:

  • Hotsheet NameThis step is important!  Naming the hotsheet is important for easy reference and troubleshooting later.  An agent could have thousands of hotsheets, so it’s recommended to be specific in your naming convention and follow these guidelines: 
    • You are unable to save the hotsheet without a name
    • Be sure to create a unique name for your hotsheet.  You will receive an error if you attempt to create a second hotsheet with the same name 
    • Avoid non-code friendly special characters (such as &, *,‘, etc), these will break the shortcode
    • Be sure to remove any additional spaces at the end of the hotsheet name, as these will also break the shortcode
  • Search: Click into the Search line and see a list of all previously created saved searches: the search you attach to this page will determine what listings are shown in the hotsheet
    • When creating a hotsheet from the Search Library, the search will already be pre-loaded here
  • Display Options:  Choose Grid, List, or Gallery.  The Gallery option can also auto-scroll through listings
  • Limit Results: Select how many results are initially seen in the hotsheet.
  • Link to Full Results: This allows the ability to click a link to see more than what the Limit Results featured.  You may want to hide this if you are trying to highlight specific listings on a page
  • Custom “See All Results” Button Text: The words “see all results” can be customized (Example: “See All Boca Raton Homes”)
  • Show Map:  Determine if you want the map image included in the hotsheet
  • Click the blue ‘Create Hotsheet’ box at the bottom

Now you have created a hotsheet! Copy/Paste the hotsheet shortcode into the appropriate WordPress page, where you want the listings to be displayed.

Updating a Hotsheet

You can edit the settings of a hotsheet (the display of the listings) by navigating to the Hotsheets tab and using the hamburger menu for the corresponding hotsheet and select the edit option.

If you want to display different listings on that hotsheet, simply go to your Search Library and edit the underlying saved search; your hotsheet will automatically update to show the new listings.