Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

IDX Control Panel > Settings > Email

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You can access the general settings from the settings dropdown menu inside the IDX Control Panel.


Showcase IDX includes a variety of automated messages and customizable templates for automated e-mails and quick responses generated by the system. 


This section is the basic customization of the automated email system.  This includes:

  • (Display) Name: the "From" name displayed on automated emails sent to your customers 
  • Email Return Address: when a lead replies to one of the three email templates, the following email address will receive that reply
  • Email Signature: email signature added to the bottom of the three email templates


Lead Sign-Up Template

This is the template for the email that will go out to all newly registered leads. While this is customizable, we do provide some great information that should be included:

Dynamic field options: Using `{{...}}` buttons located just to the left of the subject line field and within the Message toolbar, you can choose from a list of dynamic text options.  This will allow you to create dynamic form letters for the leads to receive

To insert a dynamic field, place your cursor where you’d like the dynamic text to be inserted. Click the appropriate subject or message `{{...}}` button to see the full list and choose the appropriate text option you’d like to insert

Example: the `{{lead_first_name}}` at the beginning of the email body will dynamically update with the first name of the lead who is being sent the email


Imported Lead Template

The "Imported Lead Template" is the email sent to new leads that are added via the Create a Lead form. We treat these kinds of leads a little differently, thus they receive a separate template. While this template is customizable, our recommendation is that you use some variation of the default text to be clear to the lead that a new account was created for them. Not shown in the preview is the "Access your account" button that does appear in the actual email.


Saved Search Template

The Saved Search Template gives the ability to customize the e-mail that accompanies the saved searches that a lead is subscribed to. 

At most, you may consider adding wording such as "Here's your daily listing update!" or "Don't forget to contact me for a showing!" to the template. This text will appear at the top of the search update emails. 

The saved search template behaves the exact same as the other templates: click the `{{...}}` to get a list of dynamic text fields, and customize the email that accompanies the saved searches your users subscribe to.  


Quick Responses

Send automated "quick responses" to users who send a message or information request. These are best kept short and sweet and are good ways of getting the user into the communication flow when the agent might otherwise be too busy to contact them back immediately or on vacation. 

You can disable these automatic responses by simply turning the toggle switch at the top of the tab to the off position  

Quick Responses also support the Dynamic Text Fields that the other templates use; just click the `{{...}}` button under "Subject" or in the "Message" sections.