Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

IDX Control Panel > Settings > Registration

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You can access the registration settings from the settings dropdown menu inside the IDX Control Panel.


Showcase IDX allows customers to configure registration prompts to capture leads. There are several setting options and there is no golden rule as to which settings work the best to capture the most leads. We do recommend the Premium Listing Detail Page Content lock when using the premium plan.


Listing Detail Page View Lock

The listing detail page view lock controls how many listings a consumer can look at before they get prompted to register on the website. Choose a prompt type and determine how many listing views will trigger the prompt:

    • Soft Registration prompt will allow you to set a limit of Listing Detail page views (including 0 to force the registration prompt every page view) before an escapable registration modal appears.  This allows users to forgo registration and continue viewing listings, while still prompting them to register in a meaningful way
    • Hard Registration prompt is similar to the soft prompt, however, the modal is not escapable and users will be required to sign-up in order to view more listings

Search Results

Premium users will have access to the Search Results Lock which forces registration after a certain number of searches have been done; that means when a user goes to your default search page, that will count towards this lock.  If they change the search criteria, that will count as their second view, and so on.

Premium Listing Content

Showcase IDX offers premium listing content for premium plan customers. The data is provided by Attom Data Solutions and contains information such as Population Insight, Household Insight, and Employment & Commute Insight. You can lock this information behind a registration wall, giving users even more incentive to register for your site.

Sign Up Form

Premium plan users have the ability to customize their sign up forms with just three settings.


Social Sign Up / Login Options

This option allows you to turn off the Facebook and Google sign up and login options on the sign up form and the sign in form. This setting is toggled on by default. 

Recommendation - If you already have leads on your account that may have registered with Facebook or Google, we suggest leaving this setting on. Turning it off could prevent your returning leads from accessing their accounts

Sign Up Header Text

The sign up form has a header that you can customize! Simply type in your desired text and save your changes!

Sign Up Value Text

The value text is a short blurb that demonstrates the value that a lead gets when creating an account on your website. It's easy to customize this text by typing in what you'd like in the available box

Want to revert back to the default text? Simply remove your custom text and save the settings.