Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

IDX Control Panel > Settings > Design

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You can access the design settings from the settings dropdown menu inside the IDX Control Panel.


For a thorough overview of the design settings, visit this Support Center article.

On this page, you can customize the colors and fonts of the plugin. When clicking on the small, square boxes labeled 'background' and 'text color' you can use the color picker tool to easily find your desired color, or, if you already have a hex code on hand, you can drop the hex code into the color picker tool.

The settings in this section are very basic and provide limited customization, as it only applies to the default search page and hotsheet listing displays. Not all of Showcase IDX's elements are tied to these settings and will require additional CSS that you can add to the Custom CSS box on this page.

Showcase IDX already provides a number of code snippets for copy and paste for basic customization. Visit the Customization section in the Support Center.

Warning: Any additional customization or CSS changes will be done at your own risk. Any future plugin updates or enhancements could break your CSS, and ultimately the functionality of the plugin. Showcase IDX will not be responsible for any broken CSS on your website if elements have been customized or if any issues related to theme functionality.