Your Partner Handbook for Showcase IDX

IDX Control Panel > Settings > Display

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You can access the registration settings from the settings dropdown menu inside the IDX Control Panel.


There are several display settings that can be adjusted on a website. Many of these features are for Premium users.



Covid-Safe Tour

We have the option to toggle on a Coronavirus-safe tour message on your website. When the toggle is blue, this setting is on. You have the option to customize the message if you'd like to tailor that to your area.

Hide Advanced Search Options

If you are using the advanced search form on your default search page, you can opt to hide this from users on your website if you would rather them not have those fields to search by. This is a premium feature.

Hide Search Map

Simply put, this setting hides the map from your default search page entirely. This does not apply when using the left-side map display

Hide Virtual Tours

When listings have virtual tour links, these display on a listing detail page, below the main image. These links typically take the user away from your website.


Auto-fix margin/padding on mobile

This setting only targets mobile displays and forces no margin or padding around the main app container.

Feature Agent Listings

This setting is a great way to promote an individual agent's listings on the website. While you can absolutely do this with a hotsheet, if you're on the premium plan, you can use this feature in addition to a hotsheet. This setting actually looks at the MLS Agent Info on your account (Agent IDs). It looks at the IDs and detects if a listing matches them and also fits the criteria of any search on your website. If one exists, it will push that listing to 1st place in the results and that listing will show up with a 'featured' banner. 


Feature Office Listings

This is the same as the Feature Agent Listings setting, just with Office IDs instead.

Mortgage Calculator

Toggle on this setting to add a simple mortgage calculator to every listing page on your website! This mortgage calculator will pull in the current list price of the property, a default interest rate, a down payment percentage and dollar amount, and a mortgage term. Users can choose from 4 terms to calculate a simple monthly payment.


Map Styles

Showcase IDX comes bundled with 9 distinct display styles for the search result map.  Premium users can choose from any of these to better match the theme of their website. This changes the landscape, color scale, and, in some cases, the font style.


Results Per Page

This setting limits the number of results that can be returned per page of search results and is applied to your default search page. By default, we show up to 100 listings per page. Lowering this number can result in faster page load speeds as Showcase pre-fetches the listings up to the value selected here with each search. This also affects the number of listings on the map.


Default Min Price Options

Premium users can choose which tier of prices they want the pricing filter to display in the search bar. There are 2 options: one for "For Sale" prices, and another for "For Rent" prices. If you deal with luxury listings, you may want to choose the $500k and up options, for example.